Farewell Sprouter & Word11’s the Word!

It’s with sadness that I write this brief post about the closure of Sprouter. As you’ll recall I wrote about it in an earlier post and how amazing it felt to regularly meet fellow entrepreneurial minded individuals here in Toronto. Sprouter’s reach, however, was a global one. I know Sarah Prevette and her team have stated that they’d like to see it continue in some fashion – even through the regular e-newsletters, but without the gatherings, I know there’s a significant whole in the social startup scene. I’d like to thank Sarah and the Sprouter team for having both the idea and the execution in staging these SproutUp events and my best wishes for all your future endeavours – which I’m sure we’ll hear plenty more about.

In other news, Word11 Prefix has just gotten underway and it promises to be an exciting prelude to the upcoming Word 11 blogging event here in Toronto on Saturday August 27 (http://word11.com/).  If you’re reading this, point your browsers over to http://word11.com/livestream/.  Who knows, you may just see a familiar face or two.   The organizers have drawn together a number of accomplished bloggers, who I’m sure will impart great insight to both freshly minted and seasoned bloggers alike.

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~ by mpayne82 on July 27, 2011.

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